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Visiting the house-elves Jun. 14th, 2005 @ 04:10 pm
Where: The Kitchens
When: Late evening, after the Welcoming Feasts
Characters involved: Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, and Hermione Granger

The pair arrived at the painting of a fruit bowl after going down four floors and passing through a stone corridor filled with paintings of food and brightly lit by torches. Hermione had lost of course and not just because her legs were shorter than Ron's, but Hermione beat Ron to reveal the doorknob after she tickled the pear. She smiled slightly as she pulled the door open wide enough for them to fit through and thought back to their Fourth Year when they had first found out about the kitchens and for Hermione, what worked there. Hermione hadn't thought about how their food was given to them too much before that, she had had no reason to bother with how her toast and sausages arrived up at the tables in the Great Hall. That had all changed though and some people thought it was for the worse. People like Ron and probably even Harry.

Lifting her leg so that she could hop over the slightly raised threshold to get into the kitchen, Hermione was welcomed, almost grudgingly by the little house-elves that dwelled in the kitchens and cleaned the castle. Hermione gave a wave and looked behind her to see if Ron had made his way in yet. She wasn't really too concerned with food anymore and maybe she had never been, but now they were here and Ron would get his stomached filled once more with all the treats the house-elves were likely to stuff him with. Hermione made her way around the group gathered before the door and frowned, those poor things! They just had no idea how sad their lives were. They could be so much better. Sighing, she took a seat at a round table and leaned her cheek onto her fist. A house-elf came over and asked if she wanted anything, Hermione sighed, "A Butterbeer, please." She replied kindly, maybe Ron and Harry were right, they did seem to like giving to others. They were so selfless. Then Hermione remembered that it was only because this was the only life they had ever known. She was torn, what could she do if they wouldn't see reason? She glanced over at Ron and made a noise in her throat, some people just didn't see reason.

Fun With Books. Jun. 9th, 2005 @ 11:16 pm
Where: Library
When: Evening
Who: Ron and Hermione and anyone else who swings by

Ron walked down into the common room. It was empty. Everyone was buzzing around getting ready for classes and meeting up with friends they hadn't seen since summer. Ron decided he would join in the fun by hunting down Hermione. He wanted to hang out with his friend and he knew she needed to be pulled away from studying. Classes hadn't even started, but he knew his little Hermione would be burried in a book in the library.

Ron entered the library and did a quick scan. He spotted Hermione sitting at a table reading a book bigger than herself. "Hey 'Mione" Ron said plopping down in the chair next to her. "Don't you know that school hasn't started. No homework yet!"
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Getting Ready For The New Year Jun. 9th, 2005 @ 11:44 pm
Where: The dungeon classroom.
When: The night before classes after the feast.
Who: Olivia and Snape

Olivia had arrived at Hogwarts just a few days before the start of the new school year. She had hardly had any time to move into her new class room and office. She was taking over for the former potions master, Severus Snape, who had been appointed the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. It was a position he had been shooting for longer than any one at Hogwarts could remember. It had been years since Olivia had even thought about setting foot on hogwarts grounds but a sense of duty to Dumbledore brought her to the needed position.

As she hurried about placing her things where she wanted to go, moving them, and sometimes putting them back where they had been, she began humming to herself. It was a nameless tune and was just something to help her pass the time. It motivated her to get everything set up before the students would join her the next day for all of the lessons they would need to do well in their future. She had only gone to the feast because she had to be introduced to the students. She would rather have had that time to set things up and get comfortable.
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